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Watercolor Wednesday

bbluebird copy


Watercolor Wednesday

bbunny copy

Worried bunny.

A big, impressed “Thank you” to “as long as I’m singing” for a fabulous story based on a recent Watercolor Wednesday post.  You’ll find Troy’s “Happy Feet” right  here.

Watercolor Wednesday

bpiggies copy

Piggy tricks;)

Watercolor Wednesday

bwcturtleA super quick nod to Watercolor Wed. while I work on lots of new paintings!


Carry One Big Brush

bboyfigure copy

I’ve recently found that a big round brush is a fabulous tool for gesture sketching.  It simply won’t allow for needless details. The brush point however, is versatile enough to go back into forms to provide corrections and accents.  Working exclusively with a big round brush would have felt really uncomfortable for me, just one year ago.

Because, July 9 marked my first Watercolor Wednesday and my year  long journey with watercolor,  In that time, I’ve only really used a few watercolor brushes.  But I’m finding that I’m most comfortable now, working only with this big guy for my small watercolor gesture paintings.brush

The image above and the Watercolor Wednesday painting in yesterday’s post are examples of these gesture sketches.  If you haven’t already tried this minimal touch, I encourage you to give it a go.  All you have to lose is a little time and a couple of sheets of paper.  I always use both sides:)  Sketches that don’t work make fine additions to the collage bag.  The less successful sketches have also taught me volumes about becoming comfortable with loose watercolor.

The benefits of my watercolor experiments in general, have seeped into all of my work.  I’m more free and generally more confident.  I’ve new ideas and loftier goals.

So, I will continue to push my watercolor experiences.  I have no plans to give up Watercolor Wednesdays, am I’m enjoying them a heck of a lot more.  Thank you for your encouragement this past year.  You’ll helped renew my enthusiasm for experimentation and helped me feel free with “less as decidedly more“.

Watercolor Wednesday


A very simple little watercolor with a small Photoshop tweak, (the angle of the hair drips;)


Watercolor Wednesday


High drama in my neighborhood. Lonely cicadas, waiting patiently in the ground for seventeen years are now above ground  transforming, dating and dying.  HERE  * is a link to a beautiful video, for those who are interested in the life cycle of the cicada.  Above is a quick watercolor sketch of the amazing dance they perform as they shrug off their shells revealing a smooth white body.

As I type this, my windows are open to a beautiful day. The peculiar drone of  thousands of  courting cicadas overrides the sounds of traffic, planes, and birds. It’s a wonder to witness.

*Thanks to Terry for the cicada dance reference and Marguerite for the link!

Watercolor Wednesday

bstooping copy


Bold and heavy here-experimenting with darks. I think I prefer lighter, with outrageous color. Perhaps I’ll try the same subject with lots of color for next week…

Watercolor Wednesday


A secret…

Watercolor Wednesday

bwatercolorpalette copy

This Watercolor Wednesday literally features my watercolor palette.  It’s a photo of the palette with a little digital enhancement. There’s a little magic in those tubes.

Watercolor Wednesday

bbear copy

Yes, it’s spring but there’s still a chill in the air.

Watercolor Wednesday


A little muddier than I’d like.  Here’s J.

Watercolor Wednesday


A quick one called The Lecture. 

Watercolor Wednesday


Either Give Me A Hand, or Get me outta here!:)  Not sure which.

I began with two reference images; a woman in a fancy ball gown and an image of a child cheerfully reaching for something.  I fully expected to use the reference very loosely, as a springboard for a sweet ethereal scene.  But it quickly shifted into sometime else.  I went with it. Resistance was futile.

Watercolor Wednesday


For those interested in process, above is the finish.  Below is the entire composition before I worked to my satisfaction.  I enjoy lifting the color to refine the painting. I may refine the finish a little more, but I will wait a day or two to see it with new eyes. The only downside of waiting is the reluctance of the watercolor to lift easily. Thankfully, Photoshop is always there to rely on for touch-ups when reproducing the paintings for prints.


Watercolor Wednesday

waiting copy

Waiting in the wings.

Watercolor Wednesday


A belated Halloween salute. The model is a dear artist  friend, although this is not a portrait. This sketch is based on a photo by photographer Scott Groller.

Watercolor Wednesday



Watercolor Wednesday

This is creature week.  They are sullen and unnerving, sporting giant ears.  I have no idea why.

I tweaked digitally, just a little bit.

Watercolor Wednesday

A little tighter than the watercolor sketches I’ve been making lately, but still a no plan gestural sketch.

Watercolor Wednesday 17

An exultant rainbowed feline!

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