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This is part of a repost from my blog for young artists.  I thought it might be exciting to share with you some excellent examples of  exemplary online presence and some terrific work by very young artists. Their ages span from pre-teen to young adult.

The sites below are three brilliant examples of what very young visual artists are doing.  The first is Isabella’s beautiful blog.

Isabella has created three separate sections for her work. There’s the poetry section, fine art section, and fashion (her own designs).  Isabella regularly posts wonderful works in progress.  You must have a look.  will bring you to Eleanor Leonne Bennett’s website that is full of her fantastic photography.  It is worth every minute you’ll spend on her website, enjoying her work.  I urge you to investigate every photograph.

Kellie See, at  beautifully chronicles her coursework as an art student studying illustration.  On her terrific blog, you’ll find very specific and instructive posts about what she is thinking and working through. This is what Kellie has to say about her blogging experience:

“I think blogging is fantastic. Its such a great opportunity for people to meet others that share similar interests. Since I started blogging I’ve seen some great pieces of work and read the most amazing posts by other bloggers. They are truly an inspiration for me. Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me where I can share my work and get real opinions and comments back. This is so useful and is a great way to find out what others think and to also help you decide which direction to take next. The blogging community have been fabulous and they are so friendly which makes my blogging experience all the better. I really wouldn’t be without it. Kellie :) “

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  1. I have commented this blog for young artists before and I think it’s a fantastic initiative. It’s not easy to start up as artist when you are young and inexperienced. The support you give is invaluable. I checked the three blogs you linked to, and they are all fun to read.

  2. Elena congratulations for championing and encouraging these young artists (only one of whom I had met previously) and for bringing them and their work to the attention of a wider audience. They are exceptional talents and deserve the recognition. But, as your post implies, they are examples rather than exceptions. Indeed, among young people there is a considerable volume of talent across all of the arts. Well done to you for highlighting this fact.

    1. Thanks Louis. I do agree that there is such talent and devotion among young artists. Some are unaware of their gifts. Others find little encouragement, but I think that it is inspirational for all artists of all ages to look at peer work to see what is indeed possible.

  3. This is great, thanks for posting and helping others out as well! Its great when you are young and have such a CREATIVE mind!!! The best thing is that their parents support theme and that is the best!!!!

  4. I know (and follow) the Kellie’s blog. I agree, it is absolutely amazing. I enjoy each one of her posts. Very, very creative.

    And thanks for the links to other blogs!

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