Digital Winter

ANOTHER new project:) Four seasons, beginning with winter.  The subject for each season is a lovely young woman.  I chose to paint this series digitally, while my oil portraits are drying between layers.  Next post will feature a layer by layer separation and progression, so stand by.

Comments on: "Digital Winter" (14)

  1. I actually felt as though she was underwater Elena because of the movement of her hair.. another brilliant piece

  2. It’s a beautiful portrait. The shy look in the girl’s eye, her pose and the wild hair brings so much life to the picture. I am amazed about how detailed you are able to paint in Photoshop, must be quite a different feeling using a Wacom pen compared to a brush. The colour palette is wonderful.

    • Oh my, thank you. The tablet and stylus is just as sensitive as a pencil, and I am able to bring the image very close up to work. That’s an advantage for me, over traditional implements.

  3. artblablablablog said:

    Awesome looking!

  4. I like this picture, especially the loose, flowing treatment of the hair, and I look forward to the next stage(s).

  5. Just as breath-taking as I could have hoped! As I was waiting for the image to load, I “heard” the word: “Mucha” 😉

  6. WOW! This is amazing and interesting… Made me excited… It would be so nice to follow what will be next… Thank you dear Elena, with my love, nia

  7. she is beautiful. I am curious about the net across her face.

    • Thanks Carol. She’s a friend. The veil is just about another layer against the cold, although she IS winter, so simply a nod to those of us who have to wrap up:)

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