Till Next Time


I’ve been under the weather lately, but hope to be visiting your blogs and posting lots of new work as soon as I am able.

For now though,  I’d like to wish all of you who celebrate, a magical Holiday Season.  Till next time…

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you haven’t been well Elena – I’m hoping that you have started to recover and are once again beginning to paint and produce your wonderful creations. Happy New Year to you and your family. You’ve been a great blogging friend and can’t thank you enough for your support and generous comments, means the world to me. Thanks and best wishes for 2014!

  2. Elena, I hope you are feeling better! I love this painting you posted. I am amazed at your ability to so easily show action in your watercolors! That is a goal I have-to be able to easily paint people! Get well soon!

      1. Dear Elena! I am so happy for our friendship. Thank you so much for this. Thanks for all the comments on my blog for all the nice words for me, for your support and for all the beautiful picture that you share them with us. I wishing, with all my heart, God bless with health and happiness for all the days of your life, What will be to come. To step into the new year with confidence, with hope, with faith and optimism. Have a new year better, more peaceful, more prosperous, with accomplishments and Many Many Many Joys!
        Big hugs, with love, Stefania!
        HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear Elena! 🙂

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