Sweet and Wild


A tribute to a sweet little wild bunny.

When she was quite small, she managed not only to survive four curious cats, a trip through the kitty door (which seriously scraped the fur and skin off  her back), a harrowing escape through the living room, then out the front door. Weeks later, she took up residence in our front yard. She was clearly the same little rabbit, because of the reverse mohawk on her back, which (we were relieved to see), healed very nicely. She seemed familiar with us, the frantic humans from the house who expedited her getaway. On several occasions, she allowed us to approach, and was so relaxed in our presence, that she settled down a couple of feet away and bathed like a cat,taking time to thoroughly groom.


We haven’t seen her for a while. We’re hoping that she is safe, and is more wary of  the dangers of cats and cars and humans. Hoping even more, that her curious and trusting nature didn’t lead her into another disaster, like a suburban Peter Rabbit.

We’ll be watching out for her this  winter, ready with some extra bunny nutrition to help her through the coming snow storms. Ironically however, it would be better  if she didn’t return. Better if  her survival instincts took her a few blocks over to the river,where it’s a little more wild and a possibly a little bit safer.



Comments on: "Sweet and Wild" (100)

  1. Your work never stops to amaze me 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Unchained Emporium and commented:
    Lovely paintings and a wonderful story!

  3. I love animals and I love this one! ❤

  4. Great portraits, & thanks for sharing sweet photos & story . I hope your bunny-buddy finds safety.

  5. Elena I’ve missed your excellent works,I don’t have internet connection lately,writing this from a cafe.Your picture is amazingly beautiful,colours depicts her curious and naive nature wonderfully.I hope she’s safe and happy too 🙂

  6. Awww, so cute painting❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Who doesn’t love a sweet wild bunny story? Adorable. And the paintings totally capture both the sweet and the wild. Particularly the first one. I don’t mind more animals. Just saying. 😛

  8. Jane Thorne said:

    I loved this glimpse into your life Elena. ❤

  9. Your oil paintings are gorgeous. Indeed sweet and wild. 🙂

  10. Love your work!
    My B&W Blog: … if you like.

  11. Love it!!! Great Character and splendid movement in both pieces!!!!

  12. Beautiful paintings Elena! And don’t worry about the bunny- I’m sure she is safe and sound-all bundled up in a hole for winter.

  13. Awwww, I love that little bunny. Your paintings show the curious side of her. (or him.)

  14. Such a cutie! I hope she is safe Elena. Beautiful work as always 🙂

  15. Such an adventurous life so far for this little bunny – hope she’s found safe grounds now too. Slightly rueful .. a little bit quizzical .. full of character . Lovely paintings Elena 🙂

  16. I love these paintings (and photos), we had rabbits when I was young these just bring me back

  17. Oh, those paintings are as gorgeous as your bunny friend. Love the colours and light, and everything! That sweet rabbit knows a lovely human when it sees one. : )
    How wonderful to get all those photographs.

  18. Lovely tributes, Elena and I really like your photographs – she does look so relaxed.

  19. Don’t worry about her, she has returned to Wonderland.

  20. I wish I could share your Artworks … like in a tweet or together somehow ? one day ???

  21. Hope everything is fine for this lovely one ! You did great pictures dear Elena, I wanna to touch her… Thank you, have a nice day, and enjoyable weekend, love, nia

  22. Schöne Bilder wünsche ein gutes und schönes Wochenende lieber Gruß Gislinde

  23. you are a good writer, too!

  24. I do hope your little rabbit doesn’t return, for her sake! Your photos are great, she was a good model, and your paintings have your usual beautiful fluidity. Such a lovely way to keep her but let her go!

  25. “buntitled”? 😀

  26. So lovely, Elena! You capture the sweet personality of the bunny just the way you capture the soul of people you paint. Congrats to you!

  27. Ohhhhhh….so adorable!!!

  28. i love love love this dear sweet rabbit! the fur seems so soft and the eye so alive with clarity!

  29. Very beautifully done.

  30. Indeed is very sweet.

  31. Delightful story and wonderful photos of the grooming bunny. The painting is lovely and true to life.

  32. Love these works!

  33. Yep, you’ve captured both sweet and wild, superbly, Elena! 🙂

  34. Rabbits have such great personalities. I have one for a pet. Like your paintings!

  35. Beautiful paintings, Elena. I love the colors! What a sweet tribute to that precious bunny!

  36. Cute. I love the loose brush strokes, has a lot of movement.

  37. Beautiful! You’ve really caught the essence of ‘bunny!’

  38. Hope she’s OK.

  39. Wonderful! I love them…

  40. Oh what a great story Elena and such sweet portraits. We have lots of wild bunnies but they do not approach too close if we are around. I have a story about a new baby arrival that happened this summer. I will post it on my Garden blog the first Wed. in December if you want to read it.

  41. Wonderful painting Elena – sweet. What a story, you guys are such a loving family. We seem to have several rabbits each year come and stay in our yard, think because we have so much vegetation – two places where they sleep the ground is totally smooth and I’ve caught them sleeping with their back legs sprawled out behind them like a dog. So darn funny, except that they mow down my perennials each year – but they’re cute.

    • I know! I’ve seen that position too, and it’s pretty adorable. We try to plant flowers that aren’t perfect bunny salad, but they need what they need. Enjoy your bunnies, Mary!

  42. Some people will do anything to be the subject of your portraits! Actually, a narrow escape from death sounds both exciting and probably fair.

  43. Nice story you have Elena. — seemingly, your friend left good photo and beautiful
    paintings as well. I guess, your friend might have found a mate and made a den
    somewhere. — and one day, may comeback together with the litter next year.

  44. What a face, and what an adventure! Do hope she is safe . . .

  45. nice and lovely.. both.. story and paintings…

  46. Hops right off the page! Lovely!

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