Exhibeo Honorable Mention

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.43.35 PM

A welcome surprise, “Betsy” won Honorable Mention in The Human Figure competition at  Exhibeo Art Competition Magazine.  In addition, Jonathan Raddatz, from Exhibeo has written a lovely review  of my “Young Series”, in which “Betsey” is a part. You can find the review  here.

Thank you, Jonathan and thank you, Exhibeo!

Comments on: "Exhibeo Honorable Mention" (110)

  1. That’s wonderful, Elena — congratulations! 🙂

  2. What a great way to start the year Elena! Congratulations, totally well deserved. The reviewer was spot on when he described your work as “a remarkable study of personality types”.

  3. Unique blog.Wishing you the best.Jaalal

  4. Congratulations Elena, nice review. You know you’ve done well when the reviewer uses Macbeth and a poet in his review 🙂

    • While I thank you and I’m honored, Diego, I can no longer fulfill the requirements for awards and have opted out of the awards community. Congratulations to you, however!

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