Watercolor Wednesday


For those interested in process, above is the finish.  Below is the entire composition before I worked to my satisfaction.  I enjoy lifting the color to refine the painting. I may refine the finish a little more, but I will wait a day or two to see it with new eyes. The only downside of waiting is the reluctance of the watercolor to lift easily. Thankfully, Photoshop is always there to rely on for touch-ups when reproducing the paintings for prints.


Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Oh my god, you have such a gift.
    I’ve always stayed clear of water colors, as the medium to so difficult to manipulate. In other words, I mess up a lot. 😉
    You’re truly incredible. Wonderful inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much. The very reasons you stated keep me away from watercolors, and now are what made me want to tackle them. I’ve been experimenting with them for several months now, and finally found a way to make them mine.

  2. I really enjoy how you share your painting process. As a fairly new (1 1/2 years) watercolor painter it is so helpful to understand how you make improvements. I am thinking a course in Photoshop might be in my future. Your choice/use of colors is bold & daring, yet your painting is soft and other worldly. Love it! Marian

  3. Utterly wonderful..just really alive and touchable – almost hard to believe it is flat and not actually full of those curves!

  4. You have such understanding of colours and composition, but then also put it to work so it reaches to our feelings. This watercolour is simply beautiful. I wish you all the best for the new year, Elena.

  5. the differences between the 2 paintings are small but so the second is very lively.
    Very often too, I wait several days to see if it ‘s necessary to do something. Some colors are easier to lift, I have bought an “incredible nib” (at “cheap Joe”) it works on small surfaces.

  6. I really enjoy the posts where you share the process with us. I try to avoid looking at the finished stage first so that I can ‘guess’ the features you will address. Of course, its often easier to identify a problem than to know how to solve it.

  7. Wow! So apologies if this is obvious, but nobody has mentioned the tiger! It’s the first thing I saw in the shapes with the two dark ears and even that little bit that could be fuzz/fur on his head. But then, he is made up of women! Powerful and dynamic tiger women, I think. With beautiful hands and feet (of course). Amazing!

  8. Interesting image. I like it.
    When I assess the image, drawing or photograph, I see it
    up-side-down —– if the image still makes a sense it is an
    appearing image. —– if you are interested, try 😉

  9. This is beautiful, disturbing, reaching, with a touch of despair and a dollop of hope, love it! Even with a headache. Ughhhh….;-)

      1. I joined a wine group and went out for the first time with them last night. 4 courses, 4 glasses, all too much for my delicate and carefully balanced system. Still lots of fun! I hope you feel better soon Elena!

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