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Watercolor Wednesday

bpinkmouse copy

                   Terrible terror.  I’ve seen it.  Rescuing one of these little guys from my cats.


Little Weirdies:Bird Walking

bwalkingthebirdintherain copy

Walking the bird in the rain.   I have no idea why ; )

Cards for KIVA


Just a fews days left to purchase this season’s cards to benefit KIVA.

While I do not enjoy selling anything, I would like you all to know that a very small purchase of even five dollars will allow you to to contribute to this fine organization.                                  KIVA supports individuals desperately trying to support their families by administering small business loans with your purchase dollars.


I’ve contributed these three images to the mix, but the collection is varied and beautiful.  I usually purchase and then gift the cards at Holiday time.


Thanks for your consideration.

For those who are interested, the cards are donated by women from all over the globe who contribute to Vision and Verb.  V&V compiles each purchase to reach twenty-five dollars, then sends the full amount to KIVA.     Enjoy the V&V posts.  The are always a great read.


Watercolor Wednesday

bmischievousrabbit copy


Saturday Swim

bseahorse copy

Little Weirdies

bcomet copy

The bunny dancer from Watercolor Wednesday and the frog from Photo Friday chat in the forest under a shooting star.


Watercolor Wednesday


Watercolor with acrylic accents. The acrylic is a crafty mix squeezed from a plastic bottle.

Little Weirdies-Splitting Hairs

Common ground with slightly different view points.

Watercolor Wednesday


Celebration at my house! Our furry family has been through a crisis, but everybody just got a clean bill of health! We couldn’t be happier.

Palette Creatures

paletteopportunity2 copy

I’ve lucked into a magical palette. Creatures just keep showing up! This one is children’s illustration-ish.  I’ve pushed the PS vibrance up a little and smudged here and there.

Watercolor Wednesday


A secret…

Watercolor Wednesday

bwatercolorpalette copy

This Watercolor Wednesday literally features my watercolor palette.  It’s a photo of the palette with a little digital enhancement. There’s a little magic in those tubes.

The Egg


I fought with this bird-child piece for quite a while. The composition is strange, but trust me, it was stranger before I cropped it.  Thanks to my son, who is an excellent critic, I was able to move away from elements I was hanging onto, and make changes for the better.  I need some time away from this piece to effect more changes.

And, it’s blue:)



Some of the little bird-children are growing up;)

Bird-Child Series


This is the second birdie child-vison influenced image.

Most of the elements in this piece began as really loose watercolor paintings. I brought them into Photoshop and digitally placed and painted.

I almost always put in a little more work after I show you what I’m up too. This piece is no exception, but I need a little time to know just what I want to do.



I woke up with an image reflected on my retinas. I had an overwhelming urge to realize the vision.  It had to be dreamy-loose but also had to adhere to my vision.

I began with a watercolor sketch, but the color was too vibrant.  It needed to be somber. I took a photo of the watercolor and opened it up in Photoshop, then decided to desaturate it.  I painted a very simple back round so the bird-girl takes the spotlight.  A new series is born.

The watercolor sketch:


Watercolor Wednesday

For Valentines bg

Line Dance


A flip upside-down, a few tiny lines, and the photo is nudged into the realm of fantasy. It’s where I like vacation:)


Watercolor Wednesday


A quick one called The Lecture. 

The Light

blight A snapshot from a dream-mare.

Watercolor Wednesday


Either Give Me A Hand, or Get me outta here!:)  Not sure which.

I began with two reference images; a woman in a fancy ball gown and an image of a child cheerfully reaching for something.  I fully expected to use the reference very loosely, as a springboard for a sweet ethereal scene.  But it quickly shifted into sometime else.  I went with it. Resistance was futile.

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