Watercolor Wednesday


High drama in my neighborhood. Lonely cicadas, waiting patiently in the ground for seventeen years are now above ground  transforming, dating and dying.  HERE  * is a link to a beautiful video, for those who are interested in the life cycle of the cicada.  Above is a quick watercolor sketch of the amazing dance they perform as they shrug off their shells revealing a smooth white body.

As I type this, my windows are open to a beautiful day. The peculiar drone of  thousands of  courting cicadas overrides the sounds of traffic, planes, and birds. It’s a wonder to witness.

*Thanks to Terry for the cicada dance reference and Marguerite for the link!

Published by elenacaravela

My world is a wonder of visual candy and foreboding shadow shapes vying every waking moment for my full attention.

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  1. Elena that link is absolutely wonderful . I don’t believe that I have ever seen a cicada although certainly have heard them on holidays away . The footage with music is quite something else .
    I love your little Cicada here I can now see that he is totally bedside himself with pure joy shrugging off that shell 🙂
    What an amazing thing is its life cycle . I can’t quite get my head round it all 😉

  2. You have masterly captured the essence of its liberating dance.

    Your watercolours call to my mind the deceptive simplicity of the traditional Chinese painting.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. We have cicadas in Melbourne in summer and I used to love searching for their old shells which you could find attached to tree trunks. I don’t like the sound they make though when I’m trying to sleep!

  4. Ew, I totally can’t stand cicada–from their big red eyes, to their sheer number, to the incessant humming noises, to them flying in my hair and getting stuck. That said, we have them in Northern Virginia but not in my neighborhood this time. Thank goodness for that.

  5. We had the Cicada’s here a couple years ago. The wonder of them quickly wore off as more and more of them broke free from their slumber and sang. The sound becomes deafening!!!!

  6. This is great and really turns the bad memory of what I experienced during the last huge cicada swarm into something to take a bit of joy from now, so many years apart.

  7. I wondered what happened to the bugs after i saw the shells on the ground. I didn’t go find out, as this made me shudder 😀 blah This painting does work and the color is right too! I like katydids and the praying mantis.

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