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  1. I’m not really the girly kind, but I can’t help but think of these as soft fairy beds…:) gorgeous..Autumn is such a delicate time..

  2. Beauties, both. Just want to let you know that your blog is very slow at loading. I don’t know if it’s just me or what but, it takes a LONG time and is very jumpy for a couple minutes : ( I don’t have this problem with other blogs.

  3. Seeing the beauty in decay and decomposition. Both images are lovely, but I love the first one, with it’s intricate and delicate structures and textures. The limited colour palette emphasizes the feeling of decay. Very nice, Elena!

  4. Elliptical cropping used to be more common. It can be a good way of emphasizing a subject and eliminating extraneous details. I don’t know why it fell out of favor, except perhaps as part of a movement among certain “serious” photographers to avoid cropping of any sort, even rectangular.

    1. Thank you Steve! As just an amateur photographer, I don’t feel the same pressure to produce “serious” photo images. I play. I do however, appreciate what you are saying, because I am aware of it with my professional work as a painter.

  5. you know what it looks like don’t you Elena!! The second picture looks like a whole galaxy!!!
    Reminded me of a story I once read, from a book that I misplaced a long time ago…and am STILL looking for it (if I remembered the name it would help 😛 )…anyways, the story is of a Buddhist monk who is tasked to teach a young boy at the monastery. One day the monk ignites a match and asks the boy to watch it as the flame engulfed the match, till it slowly died. Then he explained to the boy, when he ignited that match it was in effect him creating this whole Universe, with it’s planets and life…the energy within that Universe of flame. We are living within a world within a world within a world….just like the Universe of that flame was within a world. And just like the flame, so too is the impermanence of all things…which will come to an end.
    That is why the ending of the Men In Black…1..or was it 2….2 , I think…when they K opens a door and both he and J come out to realize that, that door…which leads back to our world is just ONE door of many doors in a locker!!!!

    1. Shree, you are delightful! Yes! Not only do I appreciate that we see the same thing in the photo, but to both attribute Buddhist teaching AND Men in Black, really tickles me! Love it all! Thank you Shree:)

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