bholding copybholding1

Another Descent Series piece.


For those who may be interested, I start with a drippy big brush sketch, then refine just enough to try and hit the sweet spot.

Comments on: "Wary" (51)

  1. Thank you for showing the beginning of your process when you watercolor. I like that, and would LOVE to see more of that. I use Acrylic paints and mediums and very little oils. Watercolors seem so…difficult. I envy your skill.

  2. such sweet pure talent!!

  3. You certainly hit it Elena, this picture is so engaging. wonderful stuff.

  4. Extremely beautiful and peaceful work 🙂

  5. Elena thanks for sharing it is interesting to read about your process thanks x

  6. Significant detail – you choose so little to say so much!

  7. Fascinating to see your process, Elena! Beautiful piece.

  8. you get that sweet spot every time 🙂 nice to hear more about your process too, Elena.

  9. Your work never ceases to amaze me…

  10. poppytump said:

    Delightful uncertainty … about to swiftly turn her face away and hug closer 🙂
    Just lovely Elena .

  11. Jane Thorne said:

    Magic ❤

  12. It is very nice being back and can enjoy again the subtle aroma of nostalgia that pervades all your work.

  13. Wow, that’s crazy how you got from point A to point B! What a wonderful, practiced eye you have!

  14. Very cool! I’m curious how long this one took to make?

  15. I love the description! [‘…a drippy big brush sketch, then refine just enough to try and hit the sweet spot.’]!! 🙂

  16. Amazing how your images convey depth with so few brush strokes. What an art!

  17. Great to see your work again! Something happened to my blog and wasn´t receiving your posts! I love to see how each artist shows its working process, and you have a very brave way! Love it! : )

  18. Looks great! interesting to read about your painting process.

  19. Thanks for the peak into your painting process, Elena! You definitely hit the sweet spot, once again. : )

  20. Perfect Elena – love reading about your process. Wonderful faces – great animation.

  21. Wow, thanks for showing us the beginning step! And boy do you know the sweet spot!

  22. This painting is full of life, beautiful!

  23. Strokes of genius! Wonderful.

  24. It’s a magic ! what else !
    How you could foresee and finish — you know it’s not in your brain.
    It’s on the paper — how you could control.

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