Alla Prima

ballprima1 copy

I’ve been oil painting almost exclusively lately, weighing different techniques against one another. I tend to paint tight more detailed work only when it feels right to me, depending on what I’m trying to achieve. But, I must say that working alla prima-direct to surface, wet into wet in one session, like the painting above, is loads of fun.

Comments on: "Alla Prima" (59)

  1. Amazing portrait work. I love it! ❤ 🙂

  2. Love the glow of confidence in this beautiful work Elena!

  3. As I’m too impatient and unskilled to get even the loosest variant of representation into my work, I certainly understand the appeal of alla prima work! But I have all the more respect when it looks this vibrant and marvelous. 😀

    • You’ve got the chops, but I understand the appeal of looser digital work. I enjoy the option of making constant changes, weighing one against another and never losing anything-unless of course, one forgets to save;) Alla prima is the closest way of working digitally, that I know of. Thank you Kathryn!

  4. very well done! Very beautiful colours!

  5. The fun you had painting it becomes fun for us as the viewer.

  6. Mysterious dark atmosphere and splendid use of light,expressions again as always wonderful,so very artistic work 🙂

  7. She is beautiful, Elena!

  8. I always love your beautiful works dear Elena! Amazing colors that make your paintings looks alive and real❤️

  9. mothcaterpillar said:

    mmmmhhh… wish I knew what she does 🙂

  10. And it’s beautiful 🙂 You capture the life of your subjects so wonderfully.

  11. Ah Eva you controlled and managed the paint flow really well, she’s a beauty. Love the fantastic personality shining through and your lighting is gorgeous!

  12. The hair the hair…I want to reach out and touch it! I can see individual strands and highlights. So much expression on her face. Just beautiful!

  13. Oh, it also looks like a lot of fun, Elena. Beautiful work – not surprisingly so!!! 🙂

  14. Gorgeous done… 🙂

  15. Great expression and nice fluidity to the marks you made. Beautiful.

  16. Such a playful expression. It’s just gorgeous, Elena.
    I like hearing about your process too!

  17. It must be great fun to work with such woman of unique character.
    (other comment said “don’t trust her” —– though, to play with her lie and
    teased by her could be a great fun as well —– I think)

  18. alla prima gives your work a kind of looseness, lightness or a kind of freedom – I do not know exactly how to name it (missing some vocabulary ) …… but what words I use does not matter- your work is ( I have to repeat it AGAIN) just so goood!

  19. I love this one, Elena. She looks happy, but kind of like she knows something we don’t know!! I love her expression, the job on the lighting you did is fantastic! 🙂

  20. She’s hiding something.

  21. She’s pretty but I don’t trust her. Lol

    • I agree, it’s a sinister implication, but in reality she’s a sweetheart.

      • I’m sure, I’m weird, as soon as I see art, I start to feel. Maya Angelo wrote that after she saw a famous painting, she felt sick then she started crying. Lol

      • Not weird at all! One of the wonderful things about art (and blogging) is enjoying reactions to the work! None are wrong, all are welcome. Maya Angelo was a smart, insightful lady:)Thank YOU for your comments and support!

  22. Alla prima agrees with you! Fabulously brilliant!

  23. another amazing piece of work! Really love the lighting…

  24. each time you post a painting, i think, “this is my favorite!” i am fickle. i love them all!

  25. Beautiful, Elena. Really lovely lighting in this.

  26. Lovely portrait Elena.

  27. Nice work Elena!! It´s good to know how you develop your painting since it gives it more merit. Sometimes people don´t appreciate or don´t know the way it´s done and once they are told, the result of it gains importance .

  28. beautiful girl, beautiful work

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