Photo Friday



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  1. Beautiful bird photography.

  2. Lovely photos! I love birds! These photos are perfect, dear Elena! Congratulations!
    Thank you for sharing! Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Elena! Such lovely colors and compositions.

  4. Elena, your world is filled with rich colour!

  5. lovely photo, elena!

  6. I like this. Our robin is a small, perky bird, is very territorial, and is with us throughout the year.

  7. Beautiful compositions and captures! Very difficult to achieve with small birds – they seem to move constantly – think they exist in a different time stream to us.

  8. Very nice Captures!

  9. beautiful photo, I like this smart bird. 🙂 Do you know its name?

  10. Hope you’re bob, bob, bobbin’ along today! Thanks for sharing these great Spring shots!

  11. Gorgeous Elena, the wonderful orange against the blue sky – perfect backdrop!

  12. Lovely shots! Havn’t seen a bird like that before.

  13. Seems like you’ve really been into birds lately…very nice.

  14. artblablablablog said:

    beautiful spring colors matching the buds on the trees, the blue sky compliments it perfectly, great shot!

  15. The blue and reds are beautiful – heartwarming photographs. It’s still too cold here for worms it seems, but the robins are everywhere!

    • Just started to warm up here too, but the chill hasn’t slowed the birds one little bit. Starter nests all over the place:) Thanks Karen.

  16. Very nice. These are refreshing photos. I’m so happy Spring is here.

  17. beautiful dear Elena, Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  18. Stunning images, Elena. The blue of the sky is magical.

  19. I love red birds. They are some of the prettiest out there. I actually saw something red and fluttery fly in front of my car this morning on the way to work….maybe it was a birdy like this one.

    I like how the little flower buds are the same color as the birds. It’s like nature did it on purpose 🙂

  20. The American Robin, so different to the European variety. Lovely picture Elena.

  21. Ah ha!There’s the subject of Wednesday’s number, right?

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