Watercolor Wednesday

brachw-cQuick portrait sketch.


Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (65)

  1. Brimming with life! I love your use of watercolor – your lines are so ‘free’ and natural. I love looking at your work. Thank you for sharing it with the ‘world’!

  2. The color, the line quality the vibrant energy – all fabulous!

  3. That is a lovely and almost enigmatic portrait. She is so alive and full of vitality. I love the colours and the broad strokes.

  4. Her youthful but reserved joie de vivre is adorable and really jumps off the page!

  5. settleandchase said:

    Soft, and shy somehow..lovely.

  6. What a great portrait! You are so talented, Elena!

  7. An assortment of lines, so freely drawn. The result is awesome Elena!

  8. This is gorgeous, Elena. I love the shades of blue and orange in this. And the subtle strokes of burgundy–perfection,

  9. Enjoyed the painting – congrats on the book too.

  10. Once upon a time, I met this girl, wooed her with my humor, some snippets, tried-proven, finally I went quiet…that’s when she burst out laughing…it works…

  11. Vineet Saroey said:

    This portrait is an outcry of how passionate you’re about art. Keep it up :).

  12. Lovely dancing brushstrokes. Joyful!

  13. beautiful and a bright smile 🙂

  14. Love it 🙂 She feels so happy 🙂

  15. An infectious smile that makes me feel full of vitality and joy

  16. I love the vivacity you bring to your work, Elena! And this is another great example.

  17. You get a really 3D feeling with a few perfectly placed marks – it looks quick, but unerring!

  18. This is just me, sitting here in the corner, all jealous and pouty-faced like… =)

    Beautiful work, as always!

  19. Hi miss Elena!!
    Beautiful picture…is it R?? If so you captured her smile so well.

  20. Beautiful and so lively Elena!

  21. 🙂 Reminds me of someone I used to know. Beautiful shading. I never could paint so thoughtfully.

  22. An excellent outline … eagerly awaiting the finished product!
    Thank you, dear Elena, for sharing!
    Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

  23. A quick sketch that radiates spontaneity and vitality.

  24. There is such a liveliness in this portrait. I can almost hear her laughter.

  25. Lovely watercolor Elena!

  26. Isn’t she appeared here second time ?

  27. Beautiful! So much life and expression in this one! Often the “quick” ones are so good at capturing those things.

  28. Done with vim and vigor!

  29. Jane Thorne said:

    You are one clever lassie Elena…I love the feel of this one. Xx

  30. wow, quick? well done!

  31. Very well done, Elena! Love the lines!

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