bbluebird copy

Comments on: "Watercolor Wednesday" (74)

  1. Really Beautiful!

  2. I love this Elena, especially your use of color.

  3. I love this Elena, especially your use of color.

  4. Oh was it alive? I thought it was a dead bird.. Oh dear what does that say about me !! I thought it was the angle of it’s head…

  5. Bird in the painting is wonderful, dear Elena! Chromatic very beautiful!
    You have a wonderful weekend! Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

  6. He’s beautiful, the richness you have achieved with his wing is stunning!

  7. So beautiful, Elena. I really like this painting, well done!

  8. Beautifully done, Elena! Love that pose:)

  9. […] for years but have been inspired by some fellow artist bloggers to have a go. Doran, Violet, and Elena all have very different styles which I admire very much. If only I could have had them with me […]

  10. So fragile…so lovely…

  11. You’ve captured the essential birdness of him – it’s wonderfully delicate and tender too. I wonder what he’s thinking.

  12. It has a childish and a fragil side to him.

  13. amazing action and express you created. Great. Thanks and Love, nia

  14. Wow ~
    Wonderful work ☆ 

  15. Aww..what a pretty, shy little lady she is 😀

  16. Wow! Magically wonderful. I love the contrast of the white bird and that cool colorful wing.

  17. He looks sad and lonely to me. A beautiful rendering no less 🙂

  18. Beautiful, your painting lets me know what it would feel like to hold this bird in my hand.

  19. so beautiful…really amazing

  20. How cool, your colors remind me a antique Christmas tree ornaments. Awesome design and painting.

  21. Your little bird knows he/she is irresistibly pretty and turns in a rather flirtatious manner away from the limelight!

  22. Well spotted colors in shadows–lovely.

  23. A beautiful rendering of this sweet creature: the colours, the shadows. Well done!

  24. Fragility, tenderness, calligraphy …
    So much emotion in that delicate body – what a beautiful gesture.

  25. So beautiful!!!

  26. Ah, he[?] is happy and he is also very beautiful!
    Love it, Elena. 🙂

  27. I like this one, did you have to use a deceased bird as its model?

  28. Delightful feather colours Elena !
    Such a dear little expressive folorn? face…

  29. Ha ha ha ! I like it. Very cute. 🙂

  30. beautiful bird, full of life! like it

  31. The colours are lovely Elena.

  32. Beautiful bird 🙂

  33. ¡Vuela, volando!
    Me ha encantado.
    Un abrazo,

  34. Beautiful colors and neat effect with the shadow/claw marks – looks like he’s writing with his one claw =)

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