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Self Portrait          Oil on Linen 24″x 24″

It’s a big birthday, and I am grateful.


My Self



Oil on Linen 24″x 24″

Button Up

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Oil on Linen 18″x 24″

It’s pretty cold out there! I’m constantly pulling my coat a little closer.

Dark And Light

bme3 copy

A quick self portrait.  It’s not particularly flattering but it is indeed, me.


Another in the self-portrait series.  This one reflects a moment of angst, appropriate to experimenting with the drama of harsh lighting.

Photographing this oil painting was a chore.  The gloss from the painting medium produced not only glare, but dots of shine reflecting the layers of medium on the raised bits of canvas texture, even though this is ultra smooth canvas. The image color, even with the aid of PS, was/is an issue.  Got to say that both portraits look far better in reality, even though “pretty” was never the goal;)


It’s been many years since I’ve worked on a self portrait.  It was time.  I’ve decided on a limited series, in order  to experiment.  This first oil painting is pretty straight forward, but distortions abound.   It’s a manual facelift. 

Here’s the progression.  The changes in expression are awfully funny, (at least to me).  I’ve used lots of glazes via Gamblin Neo Megilp with my oil paint.

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