Stylized Blonde

A fun watercolor sketch with a little urban style;)

Comments on: "Stylized Blonde" (38)

  1. Love it! So stylized.

  2. Kellie See said:

    I love this character. The colors and use of watercolor are great. She reminds me of someone I knew from college 🙂

  3. Are you on etsy? Thanks.

  4. Oh my word this was me at 17!!! ( a long time ago!! ) You create character so well Elena

  5. cool and nice colors 🙂

  6. She is awesome!

  7. A modern Modigliani girl. I like this very much!

  8. drawandshoot said it perfectly … ubercool but not pretentiously so. This is easily one of the best I’ve seen of your watercolour series (and I’m willing to bet it was one of your speediest too 😉 )
    The posture and juxtaposition of her hair … the look, apparent even though her face is turned away. Very good.

  9. So much expression in the posture and demeanor! Awesome use of the watercolor!

  10. I love this long and lean look. Just wonderful.

  11. So great! I love the personality. Definitely a smart and cool chick.

  12. Love those fine multi-coloured strokes!

  13. I’m sure I’ve met her somewhere!!

  14. Nice style.

  15. Strangely charming image with smooth flow ! I like it.

  16. Near to real:D
    Fantastic Work!
    So talented artist you are dear!

  17. Just fantastic! She oozes personality and geeky coolness. 🙂

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