Summer Days



The Descent Series



bholding copybholding1

Another Descent Series piece.


For those who may be interested, I start with a drippy big brush sketch, then refine just enough to try and hit the sweet spot.

Young II

bbetsy copy                                   Second in the “Young Series”                                                                              oil 11″x14″



bjim copy

A new series.  I’m not sure how many pieces I want to make or how far I want to take it, but this series is pretty straight forward.  It’s about being very young-on the brink of adulthood. It’s not about nostalgia, but instead an unflinching look at the close to the surface intensity of older teens and very early twenty somethings. I’m only painting cropped heads, and facial features, asserting the unfiltered expressions of these hauntingly beautifully fresh faces.

Drawing from Life

bobservation copy


A sketch drawn from nature’s bits and pieces, strewn about my yard, while I delighted in the breeze.



The Descent Series


Lively Yellow Warblers


These petite yellow birds dashed playfully about the swamp at such speed, that focusing my camera was much like a playing a video game. As you can see, I was unable to capture any sharp images, but thought I’d give you some idea of their delightful exuberance.



End of the Day

bholding copyThe Descent Series



bnecklaceThe Descent Series


I See You



bcutelittlesnake copy

blittlesnake copy


bvetern copyThe Descent Series


bnot you copy

Cherry Fest

bcherries3 copy

Our backyard cherry tree is a fruit eating bird delight site.  Though the tree is full of cherries, the birds are fighting over the choicest, deepest red ones.

bcherries2 copy

Even the least successful still seem content to snatch up the nearly ripe fruit.

bcherries copy


bskittering copy

This quick little guy was inspired by a kind offer by Mary of Oil Pastels by Mary when she posted photos of geckos and lizards on her blog.

Mary works amazing painterly magic with oil pastels, a medium which has always been for me, completely confounding!:) Mary is also a lovely, supportive blogger friend. Thank you Mary!

Rainy Day 1940’s



Raining today as well:)

The Descent Series

Happy Graduation

bhalie copy                                                                                                      Oil Study of  lovely H.



bextention copy

The Descent Series


birdtopBlogger friends:Do you ever create a post then neglect to publish it?    This is a never published draft- post I just found, created one year ago day…




The Descent series.

You’ve seen all of the watercolors below already.  I painted them one afternoon a few weeks ago.  By dinner time, the wall of my studio looked like this. I’m looking forward to starting another batch very soon.



bdiscomfort copy



Fixing Pastel

*bjullianpastel copy

Portrait study of J.  Pastel      11″x16″

I haven’t posted very much pastel work on this blog.  I do however, occasionally work in soft pastel.   Unison pastels are my go- to chalks.  They glide and blend like butter.  Mi- Tientes paper supports these pastels nicely. I find that working in this medium can be a lot of fun.  The downside is keeping the pigment where it’s supposed to stay.   Fixative is the only way I know of making that happen.  But, I really don’t like using fixative.  It muddies and darkens color, and even when sprayed outdoors, is hazardous to breathe.  So, I only use workable fix to reclaim traction when my paper becomes so heavy with pastel that I can’t effect any more coverage.   I don’t fix finished work,but instead request extra care from the framer when matting and framing.

Does anyone out there know of  a magical alternative to fixative?

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